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Why work with Stephannie Moore?

"I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Stephannie Moore for her unparalleled expertise in the field of vocal health and training, specifically within the realms of musical theater and vocal performance. Throughout our professional collaboration, I have consistently witnessed her unwavering dedication to her students' success and well-being. Her training room was next to mine, and we bonded and collaborated. Her deep understanding of vocal anatomy, coupled with her proficiency in vocal pedagogy, allows her to tailor her instruction to the unique needs of each individual, fostering growth and development in effective and sustainable ways.


Dr. Moore's approach is not merely technical but holistic, encompassing the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of vocal performance. Furthermore, Dr. Moore's commitment to staying abreast of the latest research and techniques ensures that her teaching remains cutting-edge and relevant in an ever-evolving field. Her leadership as NATS’s (National Association of Teachers of Singing) president made a huge difference in our district.

In addition to her academic credentials, Dr. Moore brings a wealth of real-world experience to her teaching, having performed extensively on stage. This firsthand knowledge allows her to offer invaluable insights and practical advice that resonate deeply with her students. Therefore, I am confident in Dr. Moore's ability to educate, inspire, and empower aspiring vocalists to reach their fullest potential. Not only do I endorse her without hesitation as a trusted colleague and mentor in the field of vocal health and training, but I consider her a lifelong friend who inspires me."

-Julie Danao-Salkin, Broadway Veteran and Musical Theater Educator, Miami, FL

“When I started taking voice lessons with Stephannie I felt like I had no control over my instrument and vocal health. I had been singing and performing for years but never understood how things worked in my vocal cords and my instrument. Within just three weeks of lessons I had learned how to navigate my mix, began to combat a vocal fold problem that made me feel like I couldn’t perform to the best of my ability, and strengthened my belt.  Now as I continue to take lessons with her as a working actor in nyc I am so thankful for her technique and ability to problem solve and strengthen whatever technique I am naturally using. She has reinvented both my voice and my confidence, and I am endlessly grateful for that and her! “ 

-Samantha Y., Singer/Actor, NYC

"I studied with Dr. Moore throughout my high school years as a classical singer. With her guidance and wealth of both technical and practical knowledge, I felt incredibly prepared to navigate the lengthy college/conservatory audition process. I was admitted to every school I applied to, including the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University (which I attend), the Cleveland Institute of Music, Thornton School at University of Southern California, and several others. During my time with Dr. Moore, we studied everything from classical repertoire, musical theater, as well as acting and stage presence. She is able to make complex vocal technique digestible and translate it in different ways to accommodate for various students’ learning styles. Dr. Moore’s exceptional teaching is accompanied by her kind and caring personality, she is always the biggest advocate for her students. Even after so many years, being a student of Dr. Moore doesn’t end when you walk out of her studio. I would highly recommend studying with Dr. Moore if you get the opportunity!"

- Biana P., Opera Singer, Bloomington, IN


"I was lucky enough to be in Stephannie’s voice studio while I was in college! I am forever grateful to her for helping me build the foundation of what my voice is today. When I first came to Stephannie, I hadn’t had much training and I am so grateful that I had her help. What felt shaky and out of control soon became powerful and clear! She introduced me to different vocal styles and helped me discover everything my voice is capable of. Her knowledge of vocal pedagogy and the science of the voice was extremely valuable to me when I was first learning, and I draw from that knowledge to this day. Knowing what’s actually happening inside your body is not something a lot of singers think about, but it’s always important to be aware of your instrument so it stays healthy and strong. Right out of college I went straight into a very vocally demanding summer contract. I was belting for hours a day 6 days a week, and I came out with absolutely no vocal damage or strain and I have Stephanie to thank for that! Whether you’re a seasoned pro and need some brushing up, or you’re just starting out and need help building that healthy base, Stephannie is your girl!"

- Kate R., Singer/Actor, NYC

"It is not an exaggeration when I state that the stars aligned perfectly for my daughter when we found Stephannie. Five years ago, when my daughter was 12, we knew it was time to find a formal vocal instructor for her. She had the raw talent but was missing the technique that would allow her full singing potential to blossom. We connected with Steph through mutual friendships and were lucky enough to snag a spot in her busy schedule. My daughter stepped out of her first lesson with confidence and a new appreciation and understanding of her instrument. My daughter is now 17 and has flourished under the expertise and instruction Stephannie provides. 


For our family, Stephannie has become a dear friend and a part of “The Village” it takes to raise a child. She has been a pivotal figure my daughter’s life as not only her voice instructor but a life mentor as well. Through middle-school woes, heartbreak, the teenager “stuff” kids go through and everything in between, Stephannie has been a guiding light for our daughter. 


It has been an absolute wonder to watch my daughter’s growth throughout the years under Stephannie’s expertise. It is, without a shadow of a doubt, that I recommend Stephannie to anyone interested in advancing their skills as a singer. I have watched her work with beginners to pros and what she brings to the table is the same; heart, dedication and enough challenge to help them grow. I wholeheartedly believe that anyone that has the opportunity to work with Stephannie will be forever changed in the most beautiful way."

- Christina R., MT Parent, Pembroke Pines, FL


"Stephannie makes me excited to sing! She goes above and beyond for students in and out of lessons. Her studio is a a judgment free space where I feel comfortable failing, I know she is always in my corner. Of course she truly a voice expert and her knowledge is endless. In my 10 years of studying voice, I have found Stephannie's teachings unparalleled. I would recommend her to any singer at any level!"

-Elliott W., Singer/Actor, NYC

Stephannie Moore

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